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Thread: Sauer 100

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    Sauer 100

    hi has anyone tried one of these out, whats the opinion say compared to tikka or other rifles in the same price bracket. thanks

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    A friend has ordered one in .222, still waiting for delivery. They haven't arrived in the republic yet. Very reasonable price, should give the Tikka a run for its money. Tempted to get one myself but I'll check out his first!

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    I've heard that the barrels are not threaded into the receivers, does anyone know if this is correct.

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    We are due a couple on next delivery. Only briefest of handling thus far - will be doing a thorough work out once get full hands on.

    Sauer support us - so thats an open declaration at the start; but also given choice of the range I have to say we love the 101 to pieces and thats's the model we choose for the course rifles. The 100 follows quite closely with the most obvious difference being the different safety. If that's the only fundamental difference, it is going to be a cracker I suspect.

    Certainly the 101 barrel is a 'sweated' fit as opposed to threaded, so I would think it very likely the 100 is the same.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Colonel View Post
    I've heard that the barrels are not threaded into the receivers, does anyone know if this is correct.
    Steyr SSG barrels are not threaded into the receivers and it 'might' be a problem for rebarreling, after 12,000 rounds.

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    I see that Braces are selling them in various calibres. I fancy one in .223, given they are quite a bit cheaper than The Tikka T3x in the same spec. I'd prefer a Mauser M12 though - much nicer stock than the T3 but a little bit more money.

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    As far as I remember the 100 can be re-barrelled (Report shot show 2016) the 101 and M12 cannot. My take is the customers will wise up and steer clear of the 101/M12. On a German Forum there were some complaints about the 100 having a make fit stock with washers making up space and pillar height?? It looked like a real botch job. Not sure if they all come like that. I would give the 100 a try over 101/m12 as stock issues can always be fixed but a rifle that can't be re-barrelled is useless. Who would a buy a second hand one with unknown round count?

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    Not really convinced about the argument against a sporting rifle for recreational use that can't be rebarreled as many will out live the owner befor the barrel goes. At even a couple of hundred rounds a year thats a long life for the majority of recreational stalkers. If you know you will be putting thousands down range a year a different rifle would suit of course.

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    Well Cris, you can see it any way you like, a barrel has a certain amount of shots life span. We as firearm dealers would not take a used "throw away" rifle in as a trade in. At the moment the last 22-250/243/25-06 rifles we took in 50% were re-barrelled due to being shot out. Of course the owners said round count was low, done nothing...bla bla.
    I can shoot my fathers rifle and my son can shoot it now too, it would have gone in the bin if it wouldn't have had a new barrel fitted. Now it shoots better than it ever did in it's 50 years.

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    Pretty sure as Eddy points out that the 100 can be rebarreled as it has a conventional screw fit barrel.
    re rebarreling, not all barrels get shot out, some are changed for moderator rust at muzzle or for change of cartridge.
    Point is, a screw fit barrel is a better option than the sweat fit option.

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