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Thread: Shafted ... Again

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    Shafted ... Again

    Once again the EA ( environmental agency ) have decided to increase rod license fees

    3 on course license ( non migratory ) now 30 and 10 on Salmon / Sea Trout ( migratory ) now 82

    WHY ?

    They do F#CK All for my river, We the members of the clubs do all the bank work maintenance etc. They allow pollution to go unpunished and then allow same offenders to pump out hundreds of thousands of gallons of water a day just when the river is at it`s lowest and needed to keep the flow, I could go on, needless to say I`m well pi55ed off

    I`ve been fishing all my life and for about 50 years of that for salmon and seatrout, in that time I`ve been asked to show my license to an EA bailiff ONCE and that was in a car park when I was getting kitted up for a session earlier this year

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    It's about time that the rod license went the way of the game license...

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    Sorry to make you blokes feel worse but, in Victoria Aust. I don't need an angling licence of any type because I hold a Victorian Seniors card. To get one you only have to admit to working so many hours a week and be over 60 yrs I think it is. Magic.
    Don't hide from your mates in the bush!

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    I couldn't agree more. I've been a salmon licence holder since the 1970's and seriously thinking of sticking to trout only and restricting my salmon angling to Ireland on a holiday permit. The water companies have actually done more for water quality and river quality than the EA ever did. Its not the guys and gals on the ground - its a leadership issue, both political and civil service. But then, it was ever thus.

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    Thank God I get my EA Rod Licence at the discounted "Old Farts Rate"!

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    I'm not getting into a debate, but I knowthere is thousands of punds of rod licence money spent on habitat improvement locally to me, also Salmonid enforcement takes a lot of out of hours working and a lot of technical equipment, boats etc, the fish farm at Calverten which supplies free fish to restock club waters or polluted rivers, oxygenating equipment taken to waters with low DO levels due to envirinmental conditions.

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    Sorry.....what offenders pollute the rive and then pump all the water out?

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    The EA are a law unto themselves, too powerful and no-one to answer to, I've fished the river Wear since 1966 and the last few years, the catches of migratory and native brown trout has been less than dismal, the lack of water doesn't help with the plight of the migratory fish, but the native browns are in trouble. The EA state that all fish are in good order with plenty of fish, be they native or migratory, breeding well in the main river and feeder streams, if this is the case, where are the brown trout? I wrote to the EA last year, informing them of the amount of time it took to catch fish of 9" up to 12", it was taking me 11 hours of fishing to catch a fish of 9" and 21 hours of fishing to catch a fish of 12", in the 80s, I could catch and release up to 10 fish of 12" or more in one 4-5 hour session, at the same time, I would catch upwards of 100 smaller trout. The last few seasons, a 4-5 hour session might result in a catch of 10 fish and rarely would there be any fish above 7". The EA also claim that if there aren't the fish there was, we've had a good run for many a year, they are only required to ensure that there are enough fish to meet criteria, not to ensure that anglers have fish to catch. If this is the case, why pay 82 per year to fish for fish that aren't in good supply? Many anglers I know, are no buying only a licence to fish for trout as there are few or no migratory fish as the nets are having a field day of the coast as they are not controlled or checked by bailiffs, maybe this is because, in the north east, there is only 4 bailiffs to cover the river and sea from the Tweed to the Humber. The condition of the fish is also a concern for anglers, the lack of food for the fish to feed on is not an issue for the EA either, they claim that there is plenty of food for them, if that is the case, why aren't anglers witnessing hatches of flies once seen in huge numbers on or around the river, I don't know if anyone else has noticed, but trout are very rarely seen taking flies from the surface, I could go on and on, but I think every angler will know what is required and what is not being done.
    I am the secretary of the Wear Anglers Association and the majority of clubs and syndicates, fishing the Wear are members, we are actively campaigning to improve the fishing, habitat, encourage catch and release, educating new anglers and trying to create dialogue with the EA, it's not easy.
    Good judgement, comes from Experience. Experience comes from bad judgement.

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    To all those complaining about the EA, do two things
    1/ get yourself a position on a course fishing clubs committee, something to do with fishery development.
    2/ Ask the EA for help.

    Now see if you actually have anything to complain about.


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    I worked for the EA (actually the NRA the year before it was rebranded)
    The government funding they receive has been steadily slashed year on year
    They do prosecute polluters...its a major source of revenue for them

    "..They were fined 72,000, ordered to pay costs of 71,335, and a victim surcharge of 120."
    "..2 anglers had penalties of over 600 each imposed"
    "... fined 2,136 and ordered to pay costs of 4,000. The company (which stores and treats general waste, waste wood and soils) was fined 6,000 and ordered to pay costs of 8,000..."
    "...fined 15,000, ordered to pay costs of 13,878.34"

    They do spend money on restocking and habitat improvement (granted I think much of it is pissing into the wind!)
    a lot more gets done in the bigger regions south and East

    but I agree there is a massive disparity between strategy and license costs

    for what they have to play with and what they are asked to do they do a pretty good job
    Environment is low on the agenda but high on any Government's PR campaign

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