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Thread: wanted new 4x4 tyres 31x 10.50 R15

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    wanted new 4x4 tyres 31x 10.50 R15

    wanted new 4x4 tyres 31x 10.50 R15

    Does any body know of a company, web site, mail order in the UK with a good deal on 4x4 tyres. I am in need of an new set of 31x 10.50 R15 or equivalent. The best deaI can find so far is 78 for
    Enduro Runway AT.

    Regards charlie1

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    Hi Charlie, What are thay for, I have a pile of Dicevery 200 series tyres, ive now got a td5 and did not know the wheel studs were diferent, so lots of disco/landy wheels with tyres, 205 -- 255 pireli michelin and goodyear winter and summer.if any good to you pm me.

    Dry Powder.


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    I get all mine from Bob Simpsons at Elrick , Tel,01224 742336

    The best they can do is Maxis ? @86.27 fitted
    A bit more chunky @106.68 fitted

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    4 x 4 Tyres

    Try Tyre Shopper on line, they often have some good deals on.

    Good Luck

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    thanks guys will let my fingers do the walking, if i find a great deal will post it.


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    Camskill are usually a good bet but remember you have to get them to your place and then fitted!

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    Why not try and get yourself to Billing Land Rover show? They have very good deals on there every year!

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    mytyres are pretty good, take a look here

    You have to select "all" in the speed index. They've got BF Goodrich AT's for 107.80 & MT's for 120.90

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