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Thread: hello from somerset

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    hello from somerset

    hi all im wagne from somerset, have just been granted my first centrefire after 10 years of rimfire use so am very very eager to learn as much as i can so please dont be annoyed with me if some of the questions i ask seem daft

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    Hi Wayne, hope the new rifle performs as expected


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    HI WAGNE, welcome to the S.D. I'm a newbie myself, thre's wealth of knowledge just for the asking on this Forum, all the best, callie

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    Seems to be a few new people from Somerset coming on here, welcome and enjoy.

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    mike you really from chard?

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    Yes indeed, are you?

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    Welcome to the site wagne. I'm down in Wellington

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    Hi wagne welcome aboard any questions just ask away everyone has to start somewhere ,what part of somerset are you in

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigmick11 View Post
    Yes indeed, are you?
    yes m8 im in chard pm me m8 perhaps we even know each other

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