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Thread: Airlines and airports for taking guns to Europe

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    Airlines and airports for taking guns to Europe

    This may well be a post better suited to a different place in the forum if anyone has suggestions?

    I have "been advised" but without real evidence I think that Birmingham airport are great with firearms whereas Heathrow are a nightmare. Does anyone have personal experience they would share please?

    I want to fly to Copenhagen.

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    I've flown in and out of Gatwick a couple of times this year and it been no problem at all. I flew from Sweden to Budapest via Gatwick last Thursday. Plane arrives at Gatwick and I'm waiting for my connecting flight to Budapest when my name is called out to go to flight information. So i go to flight information and the man at the desk asks if i have anything odd in my baggage. I reply only a rifle and ammo. A young lady then escorts me down to a room so the police and airport security can check my rifle. Neither police or security had any idea what they were looking at.
    This new wheeze is to make sure I'm not transporting a fully auto weapon through Gatwick. I will make sure i book no further flights abroad via the UK.

    PS, Book your flight with Norwegian. You can pay for the transit of your rifle when you book your flight.
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    I fly once a month from Birmingham airport, they a nightmare, I was going made formal compliant
    but I advised the CAA would block me from using the airport while the compliant was being investigated.
    Kind Regards

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    That seems a wee bit discriminatory?

    What was the reasoning?

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    I flew to S/A from Heathrow term-1 with S/A Airlines never had a problem although this was a few years ago

    ATB Paul D

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    Flown Heathrow with firearms many times, never a problem.

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    Flew to Croatia 2 weeks ago from Heathrow and had no problem on the way out, on the way back there was 21 guns on the plane so slight delay at customs in Heathrow .Flew with Croatian Airline and booked all weapons via the initial Booking saved a lot of hassle and didn't need to pay any extra handling fee's.

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