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Thread: Harkila Knives

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    Harkila Knives

    I wonder if they'll get better feedback than the boots do
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    Made of average steel and look a bit naff

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    i think they might be better just sticking to clothes.

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    For that sort of money, you can buy several decent ones. A hundred quid knife gets lost as easily as a cheaper one.....

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    got 2 pairs of harkila boots and meindel and guess what my meindel have let in water and the harkila,s haven't so im very happy with the harkila,s

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    These knives look pretty good, I don't think they are naff. Understated maybe. At least they aren't camo, like some, making losing them ridiculously easy. The blades are probably on a par with many others on the market. Except those others will cost £25 to £50 odd, which makes losing them a bit less of a blow.

    I do like Harkila clothes, but you can't have a wardrobe full of them due to the price. A bit like these knives, you are paying for the Harkila moniker.

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    Hard to tell much without seeing them in the flesh. Although the photo makes it look like they might have some file work on the tang, they don't look anything particularly special, and I can't say I'd be likely to buy one with that great big logo on the bolster. I would think there are far better knives for the money.
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