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Thread: Malcolm does it again.

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    Malcolm does it again.

    Was out with Malcolm a few days ago in Sussex.
    A glorious sunny morning in a large mixed wood. At first light we saw a group of four fallow about 120 yards away on the side of a ride. Suffice to say, by the time I had sorted out the rifle, they had wandered off.

    After a long circular walk through the wood to catch the wind right, we spotted a doe, partly concealed, again along a ride, and at about 170 yards. i knew immediately I had pulled the shot and thankfully it was a clean miss.

    We left the wood and got back in the vehicle. By now the sun was well up: nearly 9 o'clock, and the famous breakfast beckoned.
    However, we took a detour on the way back and had a quick look in another small wood. Needless to say, after a short walk into the wood, we saw a very handsome white fallow buck through a gap in the trees, at about 80 yards. I took the shot and it ran on about 30 yards before going down.

    So, having messed up twice, it was third time lucky; Malcolm once again had saved the day brilliantly.
    Nice breakfast, too.

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    Well done! Do you have a picture of the white hart? Sounds interesting! I've seen white does there, the first time I was down I believe.

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    It was a cracking day it has to be said, and really nice to meet you!

    Very nice beastie you took as well, hope it tastes as good as it looked!
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