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Thread: Full reloading kit for sale

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    Full reloading kit for sale

    Well the time has come to sell off all my reloading kit which is listed below.
    I also have some tubs of Varget and Large Rifle Primers but these would need to be F2F.

    RCBS FL .223 Dies 35 (2 Die Set #11101)

    4 Hand Tools (Brush, Deburring Tool, Primer Pocket cleaners 15)

    All items are plus either postage or Hermes Couriers at cost.

    PM me your email for photos.
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    Do you have the L-N-L OAL Gauge? for sale


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    Hi George

    No I am keeping the L-N-L Gauge and .223 & .308 modified cases

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    Pm sent re press

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    does the RCBS priming tool come with large and and small primer trays?


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    It only has one primer tray and I have used it for both large and small rifle.
    I have just changed the shell holder

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    Hi Ferryman,

    Ill take the RCBS priming tool if still available please.


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    Thank you regards doug.
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    Three loading blocks please.
    I have PM'd you re payment.

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