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Thread: Tikka 685 300 Win Mag

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    Tikka 685 300 Win Mag

    Tikka 658 actioned 300 Win Mag (Wood and Blue)

    This model action is the precursor to the M695 long action and has an external bolt collar that locks into the receiver and creates an extremely smooth bolt throw
    15-17mm integral dovetail with front recoil pin notch
    3 shot single stack steel magazine
    Very nice factory adjustable trigger - currently set around 1.75-2lb pull

    Very nicely figured walnut stock with Rosewood fore-end, Roll over cheek piece nice sized palm swell and Monte Carlo grip- regularly re-oiled and hand rubbed with Phillips Walnut Preparation - Shows usual signs of use, few scratches/little dings/marks in chequering
    QR slings studs - front is through bolt version
    Upgraded Pachmayer White Line Recoil pad - approx

    Flat based receiver makes it an easy customisation into a new stock more suitable to range work.
    This one mounts well and would make a great driven game rifle as well as having proved itself

    Sporter profile Barrel Screwcut 14x1 with discreet/smooth thread protector (J Russell)
    shows usual signs of reflex moderator blue removal, easily sorted if required
    Barrel approx 1-1.5" shorter than OEM due to removal or previous 1/2" UNF thread and recrowning (J Russell)

    Custom fore-end mounted Picatinny rail with Integral Parker Hale/Versapod spike and sling stud
    Versapod spike unscrews if you want to use a Rail Atlas or similar pod

    Shot count is unknown
    Several hundred prior to purchase
    around 250 since
    has shown excellent accuracy to date (below)

    Its wearing a sightron at the moment but some pics of it with a Zeiss also

    Rifle only - £SOLD

    Also Available separately or as part of a package (after or with rifle sale)

    1) 14x1 Custom Muzzle Brake - Timed to vertical on this barrel with no crush washer required - Steel 3 vent 45 deg rear angle, 8mm bore - very effective recoil reducer -

    2) PES/MAE T12 reflex moderator - rear bush sized for this rifle
    Rated and stamped for 300 Weatherby Magnum - less than 50 rounds

    3) approx 60x 208gr AMax -

    4) Approx 20x 180gr Remington Corelokt and enough Remington Powder to reload (data provided) -

    4) 100 once fired Norma cases + 100 twice fired

    5) Approx 1.25lbs of Hodgson H1000

    6) Tikka Optilocks 30mm rings with 40MOA custom incline adapter

    Will offer combined price for all or some of the above on request
    RFD to RFD at buyers cost
    Can be viewed in Edinburgh, Borders and depending on schedule North East/Northumberland, Ayrshire etc

    Load data available for:
    180gr Lapua Mega
    180gr Remington Corelokt
    208gr Hornady Amax
    All loads for accuracy at moderate MV and Pressure

    It shoots very well with IMR and H4831, N160 and latterly H1000 - Significantly under MOA - capable of 0.2 MOA if not less

    Initial load testing write up:

    135yds rear bag and bipod, 5 shots 208gr

    Custom inclined Optilock set up

    Versa spike, Rail and Sling stud
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    All PMs answered
    Yes I will consider scope rifle and components package for a single buyer

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    Spike can be unscrewed from rail
    rail can be easily unscrewed from stock

    VersaPod copy bipod included in rifle price
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    I've seen this rifle in action. Shoots very well as target above testifies, but that is not a one off - I have watched Ed shoot several like that. I haven't shot it myself - roll over cheek pieces are not that comfortable for a left handed like myself.

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    last and only price change
    otherwise it stays

    Sightron 3-10x56 IR also available

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    You are killing me Ed.

    FFS someone buy it before I have to.
    So much to learn and so little time left

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    If someone would buy my aya no.4 I would buy this instantly!

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