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Thread: Nice birthday Surprise

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    Nice birthday Surprise

    Yesterday it was my 49th birthday and with an afternoon of work, some nice presents and an invite for an evenings stalking with some good friends it was turning out to be an ideal stalkers birthday
    I Had a few hours spare before our departure and was sat having a coffee when my dog izzy woke up and came over for a pat ,it was then that I realised that I had laid two artificial trails for her the previous day and due to a last minute trip for a fallow I hadn't got to try them.
    Izzy is a bmh that has just turned six months and will hopefully be my first proper tracking dog and with regular trails I think we are both slowly improving 😀
    Up till now our best track tried was a hoofs only 9 hour old trail done at night in the dark and she did very well but the two trails I had laid were both over 25 hours old one 500 metres and the other one slightly over 800 metres and more complex so I wasn't holding out much hope for any kind of success if I am being honest.
    We arrived at the shot site which she found instantly and she was of at a steady speed threw a couple of hedges four 90% turns on the trot across a grass field full of cows and shi cow pats and reached an old willow tree
    From here she crossed the rest of the field headed left and then threw a long blackthorn thicket with me on my hand and knees trying to keep up stooped over and arrived at the finish point with only two slight corrections I was very pleased
    Straight onto the next trail three fields away she once again found the shot site and took a line down a public footpath which had been used by at least forty plus walkers with dogs then she turned left into a small wood.
    Down through the wood twisting and turning with me grabbing my marker ribbons as we went then she came to a 15 metre backtrack her first ever and no problems at all .She came back past me did a 90% turn then left the wood.
    She then went through a gateway down another hedge along a river bank and reached the finish couch site tucked under an old fallen down tree, well to say I was chuffed was an understatement and chasing her deer skin around the field I don't know who was enjoying it the most 😀

    Both trails were laid with no blood and scent shoes only (fallow hoofs) I tried to imitate a line a fleeing shot deer might take the best I could.
    We still have a long long long way to go to be anywhere near the standard of some of the guys on here of that I am under no illusions but for now I am a very happy and surprised bmh owner.
    I would like to thank cookingfat and stone and the ukdtr in general for their help and advice in helping me to get this far (cheers guys)
    Tony once said to me he got more enjoyment in tracking than he did in the actual stalking and I must admit I thought this guy has lost his marbles 😀 But I now know what he meant 👍
    Well what a day and birthday to remember and the icing on the cake I also managed to grass a deer as well.

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    Only forty nine? And I thought I looked old.....
    Well done. Great sense of satisfaction to see the dog coming along so nicely.
    im still not allowed one. But loads of pets up in the attic. Of the cheese favouring sort. Memo to self, need mouse traps. But I digress.
    I can speak in-depth and with great knowledge about most subjects until some bugger who actually knows what he is speaking about opens his gob .

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    Fantastic....tis good fun laying tracks and building up the ogs confidence and ability. No blood is definitely very useful as when they do hit a sign they are really spurred on. All the best.

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    Belated happy b'day its the big 50 next Nice account of your tracks. Sounds like the pups also coming on great, they really are a joy to watch work things out for themselves and gain experience each time. ATB Gaz

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    Fantastic ... pup is really coming on well.. look forward to seeing you again soon and the progression further
    Of that lovely little Izzy ...
    also Belated Burfday wishes bud...

    UKDTR. Deer track and recovery
    Free of charge and confidential service

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    Happy belated birthday Jon,
    glad to read how well Izzy is coming on and hope I will see her in action again at some point in the future
    never ceases to amaze me just how good there noses are.
    keep up the good work


    Deer track and recovery
    Free of charge and confidential service

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