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Thread: Advice wanted on Magnetospeed V3

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    Advice wanted on Magnetospeed V3


    I'm considering getting a Magnetospeed v3 and could use some advice on what it can fit on with the fittings supplied.
    It will be used on a range of calibers with/without muzzle brakes and moderators, but I don't really want to find out after I've bought it that I need to buy extra fittings/brackets etc.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    I recently bought the Magnetospeed sporter, I'm really pleased with it, it works well barrel mounted and it also works well mounted on a mod but only with the 'big' rifle. It was unable to detect my .20 bullets when mounted on the mod but it can detect the 7mm bullets even when mod mounted... can't say much more than that although I believe that the v3 is better for testing with a mod... just saying there's no need to splash out on the v3 if you have a 'big' rifle and a mod. The mod in question is a atec maxim FYI which is fairly slim. Not sure if it would work with one of the bean can types.

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    i bought a sporter works to tell me fps without the mod.could not justify the difference to a v3 but the will work with a mod on with what comes in the box as such.

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    I just run my sporter without any of the spacers supplied with the kit. I have not had to modify it in any way. I think the size of the projectile makes a difference. It wouldn't pick up the 17HMR with the mod on even though it's quite a slim mod, it wouldn't pick up the Vartarg with its mod on either although that mod, ASE ultra is fatter. But it has no problem picking up the 7mm over the Atec maxim.

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    I have the V3 with the fittings included i have no problem mounting it on my Wildcat predator mod which is 2" diametre, i also mounted it on my Sharps which has a 1 1/4" octagonal barrel.


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    Thanks all for your advice and experiences. We'll be getting it for our club members to use and by the sound of it, it should work on most barrels with the fittings included.


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    I've used one on everything from 17Mach2 to 243 with a T8. No problem at all.
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