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Thread: Feral goats

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    Feral goats

    Any where in uk to shoot wild goats?
    just wondering if anyone knows of any wild goat shooting in the uk?

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    Solway stalker on here has plenty. Good bloke colin give him a pm

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    Quote Originally Posted by shakey jake View Post
    Solway stalker on here has plenty. Good bloke colin give him a pm
    plus one for solway stalker.

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    Another plus for Colin been with him on quite a few occasions hell sort you out

    Happy Hunting Paul D

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    And another for Colin. Are you getting the hint!! It's not a rediculous drive from where you are either, but there are plenty of hotels in the area as well if you make a weekend of it.

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    Another one for Colin ( Solwaystalker) plenty of goats.

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    Another Solway Stalker - getting a bit boring now ha
    Colin is a top lad

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