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Thread: Which .222 mod

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    Which .222 mod

    I bought a tikka .222. With a huge heavy PEZ moderator which makes it a bit end heavy to say the least! Looking to put something small and compact and Lightweight for foxing on foot? Ideally stainless or grey to match the barrel. Thanks.

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    Can highly recommend the Aimzonic range.

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    DPT! You can use up to 7 baffles in the muzzle-end type or 10 baffles in the over-barrel type, PLUS you can buy baffles and end caps of different(non magnum) sizes without having to enter them on your FAC.

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    My local rfd suggested MAE, if I've got that right? Any good?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Boarboy View Post
    My local rfd suggested MAE, if I've got that right? Any good?

    I thought MAE was the new name for Pes.

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    Ha! Well as long As it's smaller than the one I've got!

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    DPT are very good
    I have started supplying them and handled most of the sizes/models

    extremely light

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    I've got an Aimzonic on my .222 and it does a good job and is pretty small and light. Alos for around 70 you can get a differnt thread adaptor so you can swap it if you get a different rifle or re thread without having to change the whole moderator. n

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    Ase ultra
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