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    Behind you

    I was out foxing the other night and after catching up with a fox that had been causing problems during one of the best drives on the shoot i decided on the way out to have a last look in a particular field. I have to park in the gateway so after a very quiet exit i made my way into the field and placed the caller out and made my way to the field edge.
    I started the caller and after about 3 mins a fox came in on my right, i set up on the sticks and took the shot, i had another scan of the field to check before i went to collect the fox.
    On my way back to the truck i tried to find the caller but could'nt find it so i played the caller to help locate it, i was about 3 metres away i picked up the caller and put it in my pocket. One last scan and i see a fox has come in behind me on hearing the last playing of the caller it is now looking at me with rifle, sticks and fox in hand thinking that does'nt look like a rat in distress to me................but while it decides exactly what i am i manage to get the rifle up on the sticks and get the shot.

    I know it's pantomime season and 'it's behind you' was definitely the order of the day

    Scan once scan twice then check behind you

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    Indeed - I had that happen to me twice the other night! The foxes must have come out of the farmer's garden, as I was careful about where I stood.

    Interestingly, my shooting partner also dropped a fox a couple of fields away from where I was - bearing in mind that we've not seen mange in any of the other 318 foxes we've shot since Jan 1st, two of the three we got were riddled with it, and the third had a lower canine missing. One had to wonder whether they got to that area without human assistance...

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    Paddy the first of that pair had mange as well, which is rare on that estate, that was the first this year.
    Most of them are in very good condition, does'nt end up that way if i do my bit though

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