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Thread: New to me Brit gun !

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    New to me Brit gun !

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    As I said
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    For God's sake don't "go there" with the slug! Should be OK with buckshot though. Wasn't Doc Holliday's gun a sawn off Greener 10 Gauge hammer gun?

    The pad can easily be replaced with a red or orange Silver's type pad. I bought two from Midway UK. At least whoever fitted the Pachmayr has done you the favour of a square flat butt end. So the difficult bit is done.

    A good strip then boil in water mixed with common washing soda - NOT caustic soda (so the mild stuff sold for degreasing drains) will degrease.

    It looks nice. I'm guessing "old timey" professional pass hunters? Shooting for the market?

    As I bet it'd be too expensive for the leisure sportsman what with President McKinley's (if him) anti UK gun tariffs in the 1890s?

    To protect all those rubbish Parker and Fox guns from our superior Birmingham, England side by sides! LOL!
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    The Greener is a very fine shotgun, and if taken care of, and not loaded up with super hot stuff, will last for generations.

    A friend of mine, who is in his 70s, was handed down one as a boy from his father, and his son, in his 40s, is shooting it today.

    Market hunters and goose hunters used 10 gauges, and later, about the 1920s, 3 inch magnum 12 gauges like the Ithaca, with 32-inch barrels, full & full ( which shoots a very tight pattern with #2 lead ).

    The Greener is in the class with Parker, but most are a bit lighter in the barrels. Yours looks in great condition. A gentle restoration would do wonders, without taking it all apart. If the finish is worn through, the stock can be gently stripped in place if it has no oil softening around the action, using some lacquer thinner. These older guns were often lacquered, before the invention of varnish. Some have boiled linseed oil finishes. You can figure a lot out when you remove the recoil pad. Old shotguns which have gone grey and shiny, I just strip with bluing / rust remover and reblue, by rust process, hot ( warm ) bath, or Brownell's Oxy in multiple passes.

    I am getting ready to restore an old Ithaca next.

    There is a gunsmith in Tennessee who does rust bluing, and will do the entire thing pretty cheaply, if you want to go all the way.

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    But my .730" home cast slugs are goona be a no go in this gun after all
    Thank the Lord for that 6PT. I'd have hated this thread to become a cautionary tale of Greeners and slugs. That's a lot of drop. Some guns like that were made, apparently, for shooting from prone from land or from a low-sided boat against sitting duck on water. Enjoy your gun.
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    Attachment 77227Attachment 77228 Nice old gun, its younger brother GP with the 32" barrel..

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    I would say be good with buckshot though....
    "He who drags the deer has the last laugh (mainly because he has to get his breath back)"

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    I've always thought Greener was a very underestimated maker, some of the earlier models like the Blue Rock were really beautifully made guns, I always wanted one but sadly the nearest I got to it was a GP. Not the same at all but still a highly reliable, useable gun that's still going strong sixty years after purchase.

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