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Thread: Night vision for a 22lr

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    Night vision for a 22lr

    Looking to get some night vision for my 22lr. Was wondering what guys think would be better a photon or a nitesite style system. Thanks in advance for the advice

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    I have had both.
    I think the Photon for the money is very good.
    The nite site style didn't suit my style of shooting plus it light my face up which I didn't like.
    Both have been sold now as I wanted NV on more than rifle so I am looking down the Ward 800.
    Although the thought of a NV monocular and then use the lamp on the gun is starting to sway me.
    The range finding is difficult with the .22lr where as the HMR is better. But that come at a cost. Being the noise.

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    I'm using it on golf courses alot so I'm looking at 60 to 75 yds max. On the land I shoot about the same at night. Was looking at getting a hmr as well thinking of trading a shotgun to do it. Are the setups from nvuk any good

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    If you know you land well like a golf course then rangefinding will be a lot easier than open ground.
    Nvuk gear is fine. Nothing special. A good ir is required for both set ups. One you point and use as you would a regular rifle and scope. The other is holding in front of you and looking at the screen. I didn't like that. Good for spotting you quarry where as the Photon had to be stuck to your eye to do that. Both have good points and bad.
    You pay for what you get. 70 yards you will be find with both nite site and the nvuk set up.

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    if your looking at the screen type the best you will get is a kit off some bloke on the NV forum 300 ish,other than that go for the wardy if youve got the money

    just a thought on the gun,have you thought about a mach2,great to 100yds with no holdover,a little quieter than the hmr,around 9 for 50 no more difficult to get hold of than hmr ammo

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    If you're planning a second rifle consider the WDV700 or later 800, this paired up with suitable scopes will allow you to switch between rifles depending on the task at hand, it will future proof your kit to some extent as if you move onto centre fire or want to go ratting with an air rifle all can have very good day and night capability.

    With the right scope and IR it will be good for 300 yards+ (mines a 700, 800 will likely be better) and that's shooting distance, not eye shine, meaning you can view backstop and what's behind the target very clearly.

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    If you get one of these to go with digi NV, shooting loopy calibres (quiet ones) is a different ball game, it allows me to shoot FAC air accurately to the ranges you're shooting as I accurately know the range. It would mean you don't need the HMR and keep things quiet.

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    A Photon and HMR are pretty unbeatable at night. No worries with range finding, if you can clearly see a rabbit then it's within range, just point and shoot. If you team it with a spotter then as you're completely in the dark the rabbits do the even seem bothered about the noise as it's hard to determine e where it's come from. I've shot a handful of rabbits at 40m together before they even realised what was going on. On the other hand using the .22 I found I struggled to range accurately so missed a lot and also as it was almost silent I actually found that rabbits would hear the bolt fire then hear/see their mate get shot and would work out where the threat was coming from and run off!

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