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Thread: Lab/ BMH too tired after picking up pheasants and then ducks to get to her bed!

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    Lab/ BMH too tired after picking up pheasants and then ducks to get to her bed!

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ID:	76939A days shooting. A bit squeaky when being a peg dog, but came into her own when I worked her as a walking gun. A couple of good retrieves. And then flight pond - three mallard down - two in bullrushes and one in the middle of the pond - she found and brought back all three. And yesterday morning tracked down a doe in the woods - shoulder / heart shot and still made 50 yds. But now too tired to get to her bed - fleece lined gunslip makes a comfy bed.

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    That's a real "gun dog" !!
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    My HWV has done 6 days in the past 2 weeks, much more than usual. Half have been on the peg and retrieving, one stalking and a couple of walked up. Yesterday was on the North Yorks moors, a full day of walked up pheasant and woodcock around the borders of a grouse moor. I walked a long way, he obviously ran a lot further. He's now in a similar state, but very happy. Lots of sighs and grunts this evening as he dreams of pointing woodcock and retrieving teal.
    So much to learn and so little time left

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    Her father, mother and two brothers have been sweeping today, worked some very difficult slopes with heavy cover and returned with plenty

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    The keeper yesterday was running a WHV cross ESS. Awesome little dog. The Arnold Schwartzenegger of spaniels with a beard and the temperament and mannerisms of a WHV. Loved him.
    So much to learn and so little time left

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    You've gotta love 'em :-)
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    What a lovely pic

    Having a dog out with you makes the day even better, when they arrive home, they're home with you, mans best friend, there isn't another animal close to what pleasure they give.

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