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Thread: Process a deer without gutting it?

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    Process a deer without gutting it?

    There is something weird about this.....but I guess if it works and doesn't kill anyone its ok. It is Texas!

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    They certainly do things different out here in Texas. I have asked quite a few people what they do with their game and all have said the same thing, quarter it straight away, stick it in a cooler on ice. The then leave it for 3 -5 days, draining and changing the ice once or twice per day, before finally processing.

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    Maybe I'm getting soft but that seems an appalling way to deal with your venison. But seeing where he shot it might not have been to pretty opening it up

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    Wasn't it Clemenceau, the French President in the early 20th Century that declared America to be the First Nation on Earth " To go from barbarism and savagery, into decline and decadence, but without the usual detour via civilisation and culture"?

    God love 'em!

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    I'm no butcher by a long shot but that was a total hack job on a gut shot deer that looked to me like it had be lying around for a day or two before the camera turnt up

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    I seen the gutless message done before. Once on a tv show. Think Alaska the last frontier and once by a NZ guy. They made it look slick and really good. This wasn't a good showing IMO. Either way you need to be really confident with a knife.

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    This is better

    I am going to try this next time i get a deer in a difficult place to extract....well maybe!

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    What's with the saw ????


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    Looks like it was gut shot?
    I posted a thread a while back about how to rescue as much as possible from a gut shot muntjac without making a stinking mess!
    See here:!

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    If you are packing the meat out no need to gralloch. Simple lie beast on its back. Count down in the grown and take off both haunches, then do the same with the shoulders. Then for the backstraps, cut down the centre of the spine, peel the skin off the bacstraps, then cut out as usual. The skin left on the haunches and shoulders protects the meat during transport. All that's left behind are the cuts, spine, ribs and head. Doesn't take very long, done it a few times when have shot large reds in amongst wind blown timber as a long walk out and very remote. Remains left to feed the eagles and badgers. Not a lot left after a couple of days.

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