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Thread: Javelin bipod fitting ?

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    Javelin bipod fitting ?

    Has anyone installed the javelin "gunsmith" mount in their stock ?
    I could do with a bit of advice on what not to do, as I'm bricking myself about drilling into my stock
    Also, what type of drill bit would be best (has to be 19mm)

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    I haven't fitted one but a good sharp drill bit a good vice and some masking tape and a steel ruler would help measure it check it mark it on the tape then check it again the tape will help to see your mark and also help stop the bit slipping start off with a very small hole and work up to the 19

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    i had questions like this and tried contacting spartan. they don't seem interested as they haven't got back to me.

    which is a shame as it looks like a good product.

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    I bought a Javelin bipod last week & had the gunsmith adapter installed for me. Yes, I could have done it but I'd have had to source a drill-bit, buy epoxy & it should really be done on a milling machine. A helpful gunsmith did it for me whilst I want off for a coffee.

    Things to consider:

    Position: I specifically wanted it positioned forward of the sling stud as I use a support sling. It might suit your purpose to mount it on the action side of the sling stud, depending on use & stock construction. Someone else I know who uses the Kapita tripod system had the adapter fitted just forward of the magazine at the balance point of the rifle.

    Angle: Not having seen any installation instructions either I would say that it is designed to be installed at a right-angle to the bore axis & certainly all the videos I have seen would suggest so, one of the benefits being that this allows easy rotation whilst in position. I chose to have it installed at right-angles to the slope of the stock fore-end (i.e. the bipod is pointing forwards by a few degrees). My rifle doesn't like bipods & this will allow me to really dig it in & there's still enough movement to allow it to rotate, although not the full amount (which is too much anyway).

    Hope that helps & doesn't just confuse you more.

    The gunsmith adapter was one of the main reasons I bought into the system. I haven't used a bipod for years, but I accept that there are occasions when they can be useful & wanted something that didn't affect the looks & handling of the rifle but could be used quickly when required.

    PS I suspect that it's called a 'gunsmith adaptor' & recommended to be installed as such for reasons of insurance & litigation.
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    i was going to have a go at fitting mine myself but like yourself was nervous to say the least,i contacted welshwarrior on PW forum who advised to use a forstner bit straight away rather than using smaller drill sizes and working up,i did think i could do it myself but in the end bottled out and got a gunsmith to do it for me,good luck

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    Hi, i have fitted three gunsmith adapters now, first one was nerve racking, but ok for the next ones. i use a bi-pod mount on the front so wanted mine just in front of the magazine to use as a rear mount, works excellent and gives you a bit more elevation when needed quickly. only drill in the depth of the adapter, and use a good epoxy as it's a permanent fixture once in. I used an auger drill bit to start just to help get it centered, but this was my preference and may not be everyones cup of tea. Drill slowley in a pillar drill if you have one.
    cheers, mark.
    p.s. make sure you put it in the correct way round, with the cut away on the left side of the gun.
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    first try fixing it with double sided tape or super glue to make sure you have it in the right position do not drill until you have the perfect position i find a plumbers new sharp hole saw to be best as it has a pilot and does not rip good quality wood

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    Just got back from testing the Javelin bipod & embedded fitting. Action screws torqued to 45 in-lbs, support sling utilised & roe sack under the stock. Sako 100g .243 first shot through a clean barrel with no moderator & less than 20 seconds between shots.

    That'll do.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Hi Arrschool,

    Rob form Spartan here. I am really sorry we did not respond to you email. It must have got lost somewhere so forgive me. Please feel free to contact me if you would like any advice. 07771 887999. No excuse I know but we are tiny UK company that in undermanned for the product demand that has now hit us. We really do try and help out as much as able but sometimes we fail. Always happy to talk.

    Mr g

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    Fitting the Gunsmith

    Dear all,

    My name is Rob Gearing and i am a director for Spartan Javelin Bipods.

    For fitting the Gunsmith we recommend using a Gunsmith. It is not a difficult job but it does need to be done correctly. Use a good quality 2 pack epoxy such as 3 M. Use a bench mounted drill to ensure the drill stays vertical. Make sure that you mask the area to be drilled using masking tape and mark to point for the drill ensuring it is bang on center. Also make sure your stock is level when drilling so the hole remains vertical.
    Where you decide to mount the gunsmith is a personal choice but remember to keep it at least 4 cm's away from the QD stud to avoid getting caught up with the rifle sling etc. Some people mount two, one forward and one aft ( Near the rear of the rifle) as this provides more options for the Kapita Shooting system.

    We have a few options for people not wishing to drill holes in their lovely stocks, but in my view, if you like the system, the gunsmith is the best way to go. I would also like to thank you guys for your interest. In less than 3 years we have sold over 10,000. of these Bipods, so clearly they are proving popular.

    Please dont hesitate to contact me should you need any details.

    All the best and have a great Christmas.

    Mr g

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