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Thread: Air Rifle Scopes

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    Air Rifle Scopes

    I have a Nikon air rifle scope (3 - 9 x 42) on my rimfire. It works very well and I always think that a 22 rimfire is probably far gentler on a scope than a springer air rifle. However I was chatting to a guy the other day and he asked if it would be OK on a modded 223. Now I could experiment, but I won't (don't want to find out the hard way that it doesn't) so I gave the classic answer "don't know mate" but then I wondered does anybody here know? I mean a modded 223 is hardly a fierce round but is more than a good air rifle scope would be designed to stand?

    Any help much appreciated.


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    If it's only marketed as an air rifle scope I wouldn't mate. They normally have less eye relief and presumably aren't build to withstand the recoil of a 223. Also an air rifle scope will have parallax fixed to something like 35 or 50m. Not 100 like you'd want on a 223.

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    The Nikon has fully adjustable parallax, so that isn't a problem in this case. I wasn't going to be brave enough, the question just made me curious so I wondered what information was out there.

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    Nikko as in Nikko Sterling...or Nikon?

    The Nikko Gold Crown and Silver Crown 'scopes were solid and imported and sold by P Hale for fullbore rifles. A friend had one on his sporterised P Hale No 4 in .303 calibre. It shot scires of deer here, bear in Russia, cull deer in the hundred in New Zealand.

    Never failed him.

    I'd ask how much does the rifle your will use weigh and what sort of mounts. The Redfield "turn in" type can if not secure at the back mount stress a 'scope at the front end quite wicked.

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    The likes of hawke rate there scopes for all calibres saying the spring air rifle is the most viscous as there is a quick wip at the end of the pistons travel where it bounces back as it hits the end.
    I use to use an MTC mamba on a 308 with no ill effects.

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    I have a 3x9x40 niko sterling here, scrap because of a broken reticule.
    on dismantling it i was quite impressed with its construction, right up to the point where the reticule is fitted!Tell about spoiling the ship for a hapeth of tar

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    I used a sweet seventeen on my 223 for a few months till i could afford an s/b, no probs ,needs must as they say,

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    A friend of mine uses a 3-9 niko sterling on his. 270 and has done for a number of years(circa 15yrs) and doesn't plan on swapping it out.
    I know a number of people using the AGS swat scopes with pvs14's and the like, on various rifles upto. 243.
    So I'd say certain scopes fair better than others.

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    From recollection air-rifles (certainly springers) put a different form of 'recoil' to the scope - different to full-bore and also moderated.
    Tinternet will no doubt provide more opinions/comments. Pretty sure some top-end manufacturers are asking if alleged failure is on moderated rifles.......


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    I've always found something in the Hawke range will do the job.

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