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Thread: Shortage of Bodies-top rates paid (Hampshire)

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    Shortage of Bodies-top rates paid (Hampshire)


    Its always a pain in the backside for us dealers at the back end of the larger species close season-they are all a bit thin on the ground by now I am afraid to say.

    Should anyone in the New Forest, Ringwood, Lymington,southampton or east Wilts area have any bodies that thay wish to get top rates for then please PM me & do keep us in mind.

    Hunter/Lantra ID number & decleration required:

    Roe Deer 3.10 per KG paid on delivery/collection

    Munties & Larger Species-(taken legally under section 7 only until August 1st) 2.10 per kg.

    Regs Lee-(Newhouse Game)

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    Next one for the dealer's yours mate. Spoilt here with White Rabbits in the village. Will give you a call.

    regards George

    P.S your 0.90p a kg better not bad
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