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Thread: Cast antlers

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    Cast antlers

    I apologise for this not technically being taxidermy or trophy preparation, but these are all trophy's in my eyes. These are from one stag over the last 5 years, the stag has now gone back and is only 12 points this year and so I hope to pull the trigger on him soon. Do many people find cast antlers? And if so have you ever found some year on year? This is a fully wild stag and many years of studying the stags and understanding their migratory habits has led to the findings from this stag. I am able to identify it as the same stag due to it being the only stag of this size to return to this area year on year, the antler burs also remain the same shape year on year, with the coronets having dips and holes in the same place, almost like a fingerprint. The 2016 pair in my hand to show size.Click image for larger version. 

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    I have never found any antlers when I have been out and about. They are impressive and to be able to get them for so long must be hard to get.

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    cheers, it takes some dedication haha. If you can figure out where the bucks/ stags spend their winter, and where their feeding and bedding areas are you're pretty much on your way to having them

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    Just at a casual glance you can see that they're all from the same animal they're nigh on identical year on year, fantastic conllection, well done.
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    cheers, got a few from other big stags. For me you don't need to pull the trigger to get the trophy. Let em go and let em grow is my opinion. Let them have their prime years to get good genetics into the herd, then start culling your bad animals, take the big boys once they've reached their prime or better still once they've surpassed it

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    What a cracking thread, very interesting

    well done mate


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    I would be over the moon if i found any,never have, would love some just(because)nice collection,atb doug

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    I pick up a number of cast roe antlers every year, often at pheasant feeders, sometimes the dogs bring them back because of the smell on them, but the best story I have regarding cast antlers is. A number of years ago my employer took me to a pheasant shoot a few miles north of here, and apart from assisting him, I had a dog with me to pick-up.
    On one of the drives, a pheasant he hit, went well back, and I headed off to see if I could find it, after the bird was retrieved, and I was walking back along a sheep path, I spotted a cast roe antler lying on the ground, as I was busy, I stuck it in my pocket, and thought nothing of it, and never showed it to the boss.
    Next year my boss was back at the shoot, on his own, but called in to see me on his way home, what a surprise when he handed over a cast roe antler he had picked up while at the shoot. At once I could see it was the match to the one I picked up the year before. The one I picked is the well coloured one, and the one that lay for a year was bleached white with the sun.
    I think you would have more chance of winning the lottery, than picking up a set of antlers a year apart, on only two shooting days !
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    Fantastic collection, well done.

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