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Thread: Lynx

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    following on about the chap who is releasing moose in the highlands. i seem to remember reading there was a population of lynx living to the north of edinburgh.Is that right?


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    Seeing I might be getting some more stalking that way I best get big cats on my ticket, the buggers can keep away from my roe deer.

    Best rgds


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    I live up here and haven't heard that about Lynx's Swampy. It's also interesting to note stalker's view on other preditors that may want to eat their quarry.

    I am sure all the controversy up North re Wolves has actually nothing to do with wolves per se - it's just who is going to eat the sheep first!

    Personally I would love it if the Scottish highlands were full of beasties that can eat things. And it would stop all those NEDs* going out at weekend, camping and littering up and trashing the place. Midges are only so effective but you don't have the chance of becoming a midge poo, whereas there is a chance of becoming bear, or wolf poo.

    Having lived and worked in the African bush with strong chance of becoming lion poo, you do learn to be cautious and manage the situation, as the authorities would take a dim view on you or any of your clients becoming breakfast.

    For those of you down south NED is Scottish term that applies to a Non Educated Deliquant. It is an unitelligable form of a CHAV or varmint, generally identified by load thumping sound, dressed in shiny clothes, drives a Vauxhall Corsa with huge exhaust pipe and big spoiler adn for social activity and intercourse is limited to sticking knives inot and throwing beer bottles at and generally breaking anything. Now banned from most town and city centres so go out to countryside to cause havoc where probably far more dangerous and damaging than any wolf.

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    Donít take my comments to seriously it was posted tongue in cheek, although I do remember reading a article in the BDS mag' about Lynx predication on roe deer in Scandinavia and it was bad news for the deer.

    Best rgds


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    The forest I hunted in January, on the border between Poland and Balarus has no need to control roe, as the wolves do a stirling job! They will also take an adult red if times are hard. Strangely I didn't see amny people farming sheep there

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    Guess what is the biggest threat to the survival of the Spanish Lynx?
    Well believe it or not the wine industry! As vine yards are doing away with traditional corks for the new plastic 'corks' there are no longer a need for Cork Oak woodland which are the home range of the magnificent Lynx! So its Oak cork for me or nothing!

    This week I have been mostly drinking Gallo Sauvignon Blanc. No wild Lynx in California.

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    I personally am gonna sue LYNX coz the ad on the telly said that ladies would run down beaches , n things in Hot pursuit not even a sniff of a grannie in my case !! .
    The wife pointed out that it is furry creatures being discussed , not deoderant, at this stage I bow out .
    regards Trapper

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    Trapper try wearing Lynx deodorent in Scotland, you may get a love bite off a wee pussy cat beastly with huge pointy teeth!

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    So Beo - you've met young Morag as well?

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    Ho yes Mole I have! She stalked me onto a dance floor in Inverkeithing. Big old beast that Morag. I did my best for Anglo-Scottish relations as you would expect. I still have the nightmares. I can still smell the Buckfastleigh wine and Iron Bru on her breath. All i can say is watching 22 stone of woman dancing to 'Crazy Horses' by the Osmonds can have terribe and long lasting effects on a young innocent mind.

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