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Thread: How do I ship a rifle from the USA to the uk ?

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    How do I ship a rifle from the USA to the uk ?

    Thinking if buying a rifle in the USA, anyone know if I can do this and have them ship to the uk? What would be the import duties

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    I did just that about a year ago. Was a real pain in the back side as I tried to organise it myself, then I was recommended to use The London Gun Company. They were just great and dealt with all the hassle. They didn't charge a fortune but as for import duties, that's another story. Don't think it's a way of saving money as the reality is very different but if it's a rare gun that you can't find over here, as was mine, then go for it but be prepared to bite the bullet.
    Best of luck

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    Easiest way is to mail it via US Postal Service. Avoid carriers like Emery Air Freight or any others who charge their own extortionate "customs processing charges".

    UK companies with a US base or presence are Holland and Holland, Westley Richards and some of the auction houses. All are worth asking if they'll do it.

    Proof Law requires if the gun is imported for sale that it be submitted to proof. If for personal enjoyment by you then no business of the Proof House.

    Note as import paperwork UK dide there will likely be export paperwork required US side.

    It may help if you could say what rifle it is. New, old, a gift from someone in US, new but secondhand and etc..

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    One thing to remember is that duty or tax is not only paid on the goods but also services. so you not only get changed for importing the gun but also on the shipping costs!

    Been bitten in the past on that one.
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    As FF says! Emery Air Freight charged me in the 1990s UK POUNDS 120.00 "Handling and Clearance Fee" which was then charged duty by Customs and Excise at 6% on top of the value of the items and actual shipping cost.

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    (Apologies, I can't get the accent on my keyboard) -

    I went through the London Gun Company to do the same last year and as a consequence I have contact details for an exporter in the US.

    My cousin tried various couriers and the US Postal service to no avail. It ended up on a freight flight (not sure which carrier, but I will check), but it is not cheap.

    In my case the rifle was owned by a late uncle who took it when he emigrated in the 70's, so the cost was irrelevant to me because of sentimental value.

    It was worth @£200 in value and I think I ended up paying something in the order of £500-600 to get it here, if I remember.

    Its the first (and only time) I have done this, so I was possibly (probably) 'striped up'. You will need to make up your own mind about value for money.

    I also had to get an import code.

    If it is of any help, send me a PM and I will root out the paperwork if you like.


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