The heading says it all. The Bullet Puller itself has found a new home so I've five spare collets to go. Either single at 8.50 or two for 15.00. This includes Second Class Recorded Delivery within the UK.

Payment please by OPEN Postal Order (the Post Office will charge you a fee for a P.O.) or by CASH. I am sorry but my bank account is one of those with no "branch" so to pay in a actual cheque will cost me too much.

To re-cap:

.30 (for 308, 30-06, 300 H & H, etc.)

.338 (for 338 Winchester and the "odd bods" like 338 Federal and 330 BSA)

.35 (for 38 Special, 357 Magnum, 358 Winchester, 35 Whelen)

.44 (for anything with a .429" bullet such as .44 Magnum or 444 Marlin)

.45 (obviously 45 ACP or 455 Webley but any "big game" calibre like 458 Winchester etc.)

Please PM me if interested.