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Thread: ATN X sight

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    ATN X sight

    As above it's the new one 5-20, comes with powerpack leads and stock pouch, T67 IR torch ( single or double cell) rails to fit rem 700 short/BSA CF2, SD card....reset to factory settings.
    800 ono

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    Hello fella could I ask why your selling as iv been toying with getting one

    Thanks Adrian

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    Bought this scope on the 11th dad died that sat in the cupboard for 2 months never looked at it...just want it to go and go back to glass, its a bit to computerised for minimal intelligence and age. To be honest I don't think I want to like it.

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    Sorry for your loss now I feel like a **** for asking. Was just trying to see if there was any strength to the not so good comment's iv have read about them. Nothing like first hand experience.
    Thanks Adrian

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    no worries they say ***** happens

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