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Thread: Helmet for nv monocular

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    Helmet for nv monocular


    Im looking for a helmet to use with my Armasight CO-X night vision monocular and get my hands free during my night hunts. I already have one from Armasight as well, but Im selling it, its made out of iron, very heavy, and my head cannot stand it for more than one hour. I was wondering if someone around here would know about where to find it on the Internet (I was searching but no luck).

    Thank you.

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    Any examples? When it comes to airsoft Im a big...outsider?

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    Have a look at Military 1st and UKMCPRO for military helmets with brackets for go pro like camera's and so on. Can't wait for the tales of the police helicopter response to follow....I trust you have the AI stocked rifle and tactical laser to match?

    Seriously though, it would be good to pictures of the rig.

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    Thank you for the information, they have a few helmets. This is the one I have:

    Id need something like this:

    The thing is to find the suitable adapter now for my monocular. It has a weaver rail which joints perfectly with my actual "helmet", but for those new helmets I dont know how to adapt it.

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