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Thread: My God, I've been on here for FIVE YEARS!

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    My God, I've been on here for FIVE YEARS!

    Good afternoon everyone!

    I've just realised that as of last Friday, I've been loitering this forum for five entire years. And I'm still here, so on balance, I must like it! So I just wanted to say a big thank you to Sikamalc and the team as it marked the moment that years and years of planning started to become reality. Special mention to Scrumbag who told me to join and book some stalking with Malc, to Malc who persevered in helping me to successfully stalk my first deer which remains my only fallow to date, not for lack of trying.

    As time has passed I have met some very generous and helpful people on here who have afforded me more opportunities than I could ever hope for, to the extent that I have to turn down quite a few of them because you know, Young Pine Marten must take priority (he turned up in Year 2) amongst many other things.

    So thank you very much to all those whose invitations I have been able to accept, not forgetting those that I had to disappoint, it may not always be the case. I hope not anyway.

    Good luck to all in your hunting adventures!
    "Wishy washy hand-wringing diversified all encompassing liberal"

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    You must be eligible for parole about now, or at least for a cushy job in the library

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    It seems a lot longer for us.

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    Also. What the **** does hand wringing mean?

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    Servile, deprecating - you know, that sort of thing

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    Wait! is this the point where you come out,or is this when you get your wooden badge,it is wood after five right?wheres the cake at?
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    Well done Lawrence ,5 years long time and still your smiling .There.s some great helpful folk on here willing to go the extra mile to make us novice,s welcome
    she buys shoes i buy ,shooting,she stops buying shoes,il be amazed

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    Long may it continue my friend.

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