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Thread: Isnipe ballistic app

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    Isnipe ballistic app

    Got this on my iPhone,can't seem to work out how to add the information for a 2nd rifle/calibre.
    Can anyone help? Thanks

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    sorry ive still not worked out strelok and thats after getting s/b 8x56 added off ivor,

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    You need to save the profile that you have created for your first rifle (use the 'Save...' tabs on the main screen to do this), then change as required for the subsequent rifles and or ranges. Click the save tab again to save the new rifle setup, but make sure to give it a new name and don't overwrite your original setup.

    You can create folders and organise multiple rifle / range configurations quite easily. Note that each round, rifle and range should to be saved and named separately. Then load as needed using the 'Load...' tabs.

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    youtube insipe tutorials,

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    Thanks guys,thought there must be a simple answer to this. My skills in technology are severally limited.

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    This is apparently on android now too but I can't find it; there's a hockey game with the same name.

    Anyone know how to get it on an android phone?

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