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Thread: Silver sable deluxe

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    Silver sable deluxe

    Hi decided to sell my silver sable deluxe sidelock ejector with rose scroll engraving. Gun is fair to good with 27" reblued barrels improved cyl & 1/4 chokes & 14-3/4" lop stock. This is a very nice example of this type of sidelock looking for £500 Ono
    i can email pictures if required as I have no idea how to post them cheers.

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    Pictures please.
    Cheers Dan

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    Message me your pics I'll put em up

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    Is it 12b?
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    Hi sorry yes 12 bore with 2,3/4" chambers still tight with very good ejectors

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    Quote Originally Posted by danban View Post
    Pictures please.
    Cheers Dan

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    hi dan sorry been unwell will just send some now cheers

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    Provionally sold cheers

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