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Thread: Best .22cf moderator

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    Best .22cf moderator

    Any recommendations for a compact, lightweight can for a .222? looking something relatively inexpensive. My local RFD stocks a hausken .22cf mod for 140, does anyone have any experience of these? Thanks in advance.

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    I have a Hausken on my 223 and I am pretty pleased with it.


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    I have a Hausken on my .308 - lightweight and awesome noise reduction. My ASE Utra SL5 is effectively redundant, especially as you just get additional screw fittings if you want to put it on a different screw fitting on another rifle. Have got mine seriously hot at Bisley with no ill effects.

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    Any links to these mods Guys?
    Thank you

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    Have a look at these - you have to add the screw fitting for 40.

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    Ase jet z CQB is the best you can get for sound reduction and quality , it's just not made of aluminium like all the rest

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    I have a hausken on my 22 hornet. Great little mod.

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    RUAG are the importers so their website should help you.


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    My personal choice would be the PEZ MAE overerbarrel models! Awesome, durable modes, easy to clean & counter balance rifles beautifully.

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    Gone ahead and ordered a Hausken, thanks for the input guys.

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