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Thread: Full wood rifles,anybody use them in the UK for deer hunting?

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    Full wood rifles,anybody use them in the UK for deer hunting?

    Just wondering if their use is much the same as some of the European countries.I don`t know of any here that shoot deer with them.
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    Hello John

    Stutzen/full-stock no but wood yes.


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    I started off with a Mannlicher Stutzen (full stock), beautiful double set trigger, the works. It felt like you could have shot clays with it as the handling & balance was so good. It shot brilliantly too, 3/4" groups at 120 yards were the norm with factory Federal. It had a short barrel so the muzzle blast & flash were a bit much at dusk.

    Then everything went to hell in a handcart for no obvious reason & to top it off I completely missed a deer at 50 yards so it went off to auction & I bought a Sako 75. I don't think I've even handled a rifle that doesn't have a wooden stock. Not necessarily snobbery, just that the majority of stalkers I see socially or stalk with use wood too, partly as I tend to be a bit of a traditionalist as far as rifles go & don't care for moderators for every day use. A rocker rather than a mod.
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    Think you will find a few people have them as second rifles for the days you want to carry something special. Few theses days use them as a primary rifle for deer or boar but there are some.
    The use if moderator's has had a part to play and in more populated areas the need to keep the noise down.
    I have one in 270 and 20inch barrel. When it gos off it is like a canon being fired but lovely to handle and carry.

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    Every rifle i have owned, and liked has been a wood stock, they are also the rifles that have stayed.
    The very worst plastic stock was the blaser I had for a short while, the best plastic was an A-bolt.


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    I think Pine Marten on here is a bit of a Stutzen fan.


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    I have a full wood stock 243, which is great for woodland stalking, and my 303 which I only take out on warm sunny days, and I have used it on African plains game too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kalahari View Post
    I think Pine Marten on here is a bit of a Stutzen fan.

    Indeed I am. Here's my Steyr-Mannlicher Classic in 7mm-08 which works well with the 20" barrel. As you can see, it works just fine on deer. Not just mini-deer either. In two weeks we shall hopefully see what it's like on boar!

    IMG_3921 by pinemarten, on Flickr
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    I also started out with a Mannlicher Stutzen in 7x57. It went to a friend. (who still has it and calls it 'old faithful) I still shoot a 'full wood' - now it's 'modern' Daniel Fraser in 7x57, built on a Mannlicher butterknife action. Great rifle to carry, quick to point and perfectly accurate for my needs. Wood stocks are still hard to beat!

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