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Thread: Sierra Prohunter 6.5

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    Sierra Prohunter 6.5

    Could someone tell me a rough price for a box of Sierra Prohunter 6.5 120 grain, struggling to find them in Spuds site.

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    around the 25 try northern sportsman he will have some on his website

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    max try arms 24 they will post to your door from europe check out there website arms
    cheers tom

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    Quote Originally Posted by tom reveley View Post
    max try arms 24 they will post to your door from europe check out there website arms
    cheers tom
    Cheers Tom, Arms24 working out at around 45 a box once shipping etc factored in.

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    Thats what i was looking at people say its cheaper but for the sierras 120s/140s/150s for the 308 i cant seem to find them any cheaper ,maybe me! i may have been a bit lucky tho i think ive found them cheaper nr me,all i need now is my ticket back!
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    Last time I used Arms24 it was a flat rate of €20 no matter how much I ordered, just buy loads and then it's not so bad;-) Also how far would 20 of diesel get you on a round trip to someone selling them and how long too?

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    If they have them in stock, Henry Krank in Leeds shows 31/100 + shipping to local RFD
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    Do malmo guns not have them in stock ,I got some off them last year

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    Shame you are so far away as I have some you could have free.

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    Sloans of Inverurie had them last time I was in. Was around 25 quid per 100

    Alba gu brth
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