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Thread: Moderator Deep Clean!

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    Moderator Deep Clean!

    Morning all

    Can anyone suggest apart from using a ultra sonic cleaner, a method to deep clean a Wildcat Evolution?

    I've stripped the unit down to its bare components and would like to soak them in a chemical fluid of some kind, preferable, one that is safe and won't remove paint or my skin!

    Any advice welcome?



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    White vinegar will shift a lot of crud.

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    The moderator internals receive the same stuff as is going up your barrel,eg, carbon, copper and combustion products. Therefore, I further assume that the solvent(s) that you would normally use to clean your barrel would suffice to clean your moderator along with a toothbrush and a tin of best elbow grease.
    When using solvents it is wise to wear suitable gloves and safety spectacles. Ensure that your workspace is well ventilated.
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    Guessing carb cleaner might be good

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    I use a self refill spray atomiser and spray the above in the mod, spin the mod to get a coating over as much of it as I can, and then leave to soak. a couple of days later I then blow air through the mod with a compressor to clear out the oil and debris.

    job done.


    ps: this is on all my mods with the exception of the 17 hmr, I just light the end and watch it clean its self.
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    Do not put it in a sonic cleaner if its got any anodizing on it it will strip it,carb or brake cleaner should do it ,bore foam and plug ends?

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    From the horse's mouth:

    If you need to go further, an email or phonecall to the manufacturer's themselves might be a better bet than trying to second guess what product might or might not damage it?

    01905 797060

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    carb or brake cleaner is good and cheap

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    Don't use IPA (isopropyl alchohol) on anodised parts. In my experience hard black anodising gets a chalky white bloom. Not sure what will happen to coloured anodising. I think IPA is used in brake cleaner too!

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