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Thread: S&B Scopes In Silver

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    S&B Scopes In Silver

    Hi there,

    Does anyone know whether S&B offer telescopic sights with a silver finish, to match a stainless rifle?

    I am sure that I have seen them in shooting mags, but they do not appear on the S&B website.

    In fact, as far as I am aware, silver finish is only offered by US makers like Leupold, Bushnell etc

    Thank you


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    I may be wrong (most probably am) but to my knowledge only Zeiss of the 'big 3' do them.

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    I hope not...

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    You might find the Big Silver scope is the 12.5-50x56 Air rifle Scope.

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    I share the reservations expessed about 'silver' scopes.

    On the other hand, I note that a good many rifle-makers now supply their rifles in dark blue, which would be quite a good match for S&B's excellent, but black, telescope sights.

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    You could have a black one Dura-coated or Cera-coated to match your rifle.



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    Have seen Zenith's in silver finish in the magazines before. Not really very keen on them though.

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    Alot of the silver Zeiss scopes, especially conquest models are popping up on the target shooting ranges. Usually mounted on stainless steel actions/barrels.

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