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Thread: light weight stalking scope

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    light weight stalking scope

    Hi, I am on the lookout for a 3-12 x 50 scope for my 223. Will be Roe stalking mainly.

    I have a big variable S&B on it and want to go lighter.

    Meopta- Minox- Zeiss Duralyte type of thing.

    Quality glass required so not really interested in Hawke or similar.

    If you have anything lying about let me know.

    No more than 500 to spend.


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    I have a zeiss Conquest in 3-12x50 with 1" tube in A1 condition..i have pmd my contact no,Cheers Tony

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    My leupold vx-r 4-12x40 cds is perfect for what you want.optically superb.very lightweight.great illuminated dot with lots of brightness has an elevation turret for extended ranges.also you can have a custom turret made to suit the bullet of your choice with the correct ballistic information and price range to suit your budget.

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    Thanks for all the replies. I ended up with a Zeiss Terra for 430 from Uttings, getting delivered tomorrow.


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