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Thread: stags south west scotland

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    stags south west scotland

    anyone shot any stags yet round south west scotland?
    atb, Mo

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    this is a touchy subject stalked a huge beast last friday nite glassed him for what seemed 45 mins, but didnt take shot as no way of getting him out of were he was.. what a size.. still drove home with a huge smile he will be their this weekend (i hope) you dont have to shoot deer to have a great stalk....

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    Spot on there mate! Its great to just watch them! Last time I was up in scotland i saw 9 red hinds about 300 yards away from where i was glassing.. i didnt get a buck but just watching these hinds was good enough for me! all the best and good luck for the weekend!

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    Antlers still growing and in early velvet here. Knobbers and calfs look fine considering the winter though.

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    Too early to be shooting stags. I will be waiting till there clean.


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