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Thread: Lee auto-drum powder measure

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    Lee auto-drum powder measure

    Hi all
    Have a Lee Auto-Drum Powder Measure for sale it's from Henry Krank. Not for me as I prefer my powder thrower.
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    40.00 + postage

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    Is the intent of this drum to replace the auto disc system on top of Lee P1000 (or similar) progressive press?
    Thanks, Darren

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    Hi Darren
    The Lee Auto-Drum Powder Measure is an automatic case
    actuated drum powder measure. Accurately and automatically dispense powder in your favorite cartridge. Two infinitely adjustable drums included. These Quick Change drums will accurately and reliably drop charges from 1 to 80 grains of powder. If you have a look at the Lee web site there is a video on it.

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    Happy New Year

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