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Thread: .17 fireball

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    .17 fireball

    i bought this 17 fireball as a hmr replacement but it is not getting used.its a cooper phoenix single shot .since owning it i have not put 100 through it ,the previous owner round count was around 600 .when i picked the rifle up i tried a moderator on that scratched the barrel sadly i'll take a picture to show comes with redding bushing and comp seater and forming dies.100 brass 65 loaded and 200 berger bullets.the 30mm scope rings come with it to as does a sonic sound mod hardly goes a a package or not at all guys no splitting of bits sorry. 800 ono

    the rifle

    3x3 shot groups

    the scratch

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    This is an absolute bargain!
    Having bought your last 17 rifle, I know how fastidious you are so this will undoubtedly be absolutely immaculate.
    Anyone interested should buy with confidence as you're a straight up guy.

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    Very nice, would have it, if i had the space. Very cheap too. Bargain.

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    Lovely rifle - I have just put in for 17 Hornet -- may have made a mistake. DOH

    Good luck with sale


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    thanks guys ,its no hardship if i keep it just might have to fit a new safe.its better to shoot than it looks.

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