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Thread: Mpr recorder

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    Mpr recorder

    OK chaps and lady's what is out there that I can use to recored and view from my photon scope??
    I know there is the yukon mpr but it seems a lot of money for what it is if I'm honest and yeah that might sound tight but I bet there's better out the for far less.

    Thanks Adrian

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    think you an use the angel eye

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    That was quick lol thanks I'll do some info diging

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    Need to check the plug to fit i can send you a photo of the plug if you like as i have an angel i made to go on scope for night vision

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    If you could that would be really helpful thank you adrian

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    I'd be interested in knowing which lead is required as I have a Photon XT and an Angel Eye.

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    Have a look here - it's far and away the neatest lead I've seen



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    Bruce beat me to the photo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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    Thanks guys after a little looking around I've ordered this unit FPV Pocket DVR 4201003. Should be with me Saturday or Monday. 85.00 delivered this unit was recommended on the nv UK Forum by a fair few people.
    Thanks for all your help and information

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