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Thread: gamekeeping/pest control job.

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    gamekeeping/pest control job.

    hi, i'm looking to get back into gamekeeping after 25 years of hunt service (as countryman). i am experienced in all aspects of country life, fishing, shooting, hunting etc. since leaving school in 1985. i have 10 years gamekeeping experience, which includes rearing, vermin/pest control, shoot mangement etc. would anyone know what would be the best websites to contact ? apart from gamekeeping/pest/vermin control /hunt service etc. i have experince in fencing, woodland management, hedgelaying, dogtraining . ??? can anyone help with any ideas on how to find a suitable position ? many thanks, neil.

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    Morning, have a look at the link, may be of some use.

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    thanks david, i'll check it out.

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    Highly recommend rural recruits, it seems to be THE place to use now.

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