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Thread: .223 fast twist bullet choice

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    .223 fast twist bullet choice

    Could anyone tell me whether a 1:8 twist factory barrel would shoot 40gr bullets accurately, enabling one rifle to effectively be an accurate vermin rifle(with ballistics similar to a 20 cal)and 600 yard target rifle? Thanks

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    I don't know about 40 grainers but my 1 in 8 223 Tikka shoots bug holes with 50 to 80 grain bullets.

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    Hi Woodlander.
    I have had two Tikka Super varmints with 8 " fitted. Both would shoot 40 grn bullets ... Nosler were best out of SKB and Vmax.
    Accuracy was around 75 MOA if you kept speeds to around 3600 fps which was sufficient for foxing. However the groups opened up as velocity and rotational forces increased.
    I know some shooter cannot get them to shoot - I wonder if they have pushed them too hard.

    So IME yes they will shoot - but accuracy and the ballistics was better when shooting the 50 or 55 grn bullets.. also consider the 53 grn Vmax.

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    Probably depends on how fast you drive them. I hear (though not seen) that if you drive the quite thin jacketed varmint bulletsat high velocity through fast twist barrels, they can delaminate.

    (I have a 1:9 twist only shot 55-63gr bullets through so just hearsay I'm afraid)

    "He who drags the deer has the last laugh (mainly because he has to get his breath back)"

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    My 223 with a 1 /8 would not shoot vmax Less than 60 g, nearly half the 55 g I put through it exploded, the target looked like I'd fired a 12 bore at it. Can't say for other brand ammo though

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    I have a 1:9, it shoots 69 gn best, the smallest Ive used are 52 gn, and 55 gn Vmax are fine, they seem to be slightly worse the lighter I go. I dont wish to be rude , but why would you want to use a 40gn bullet ?, you can go to about 75/ 80gn with a 1:8, and it will be very accurate, and Im pretty sure if you use a Vmax it will kill a fox , and make a right mess of it, so why bother to use a light bullet that is far more likely to be bucked by the wind. Dead is dead . If your worried about flat shooting, my 69gn, zeroed at 100, is about a half an inch high at 50,(one click) and 3inches low at 200 ( 7 clicks) it does then fall to 12 inches at 300 ( about 30 clicks) but I can only remember hitting one at 300, and that was with a fmj , and it was crow feed after being hit. Most are shot at between 100 and 150, so its not hard to adjust. I would say, find what your gun likes and just use it, if you have a range where you can get plenty of practice, great, you will probably get used to your gun a lot quicker. good luck.

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    I shoot 32gr from a .204,50gr from a .222 and would like a .223 to shoot the heavier bullets. If it could shoot the 40gr and 55gr bullets as well,I could maybe sell the other two,just a thought.

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    I think you are asking too much, for a .223 which shoots 40-gr to 77-gr match bullets into small groups.

    Since you are going to have to slow the lighter bullets down to get best accuracy, why not just decide what you are going to shoot and the heaviest bullet for that and then select that rifle. For example, if you are going to shoot just foxes, a 1:12 will shoot 52 to 62 well. If you are going to shoot foxes and small deer, a 1:10 will shoot 52 to 64 very well, and 69-gr well. I have 1:12 bolt action, and AR-15s in 1:12 and 1:9 ( USMC standard, made for SS-109, shoots 69-gr match very well, too).

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    I've got a 1:8" Ruger American. Shoots 52 to 69 grain wonderfully. I have not tried 40 grain VM but then, I don't see the need. My slow-boat 69 grain Nosler load tags steel plates at 800 once I get on target. The 400 yard warm-up target was a no brainer. I shoot prairiedogs out to 400 with the Nosler 52 grain BTs.~Muir

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    Until I read this thread, I was thinking of loading 40grn rounds for my 1-in-8" .223's, instead of considering a .17 hornet for rabbits out to 150yrds, but it looks like I would have been doing the wrong thing.

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