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Thread: Looking back

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    Looking back

    Back in the sixties I shot small bore at Bletchley (a British Rail range) before it got swallowed on in the concrete jungle now known as Milton Keynes.
    We beginners were lucky to have many wise mentors in the club who gave us much help and advise. One gent (now long gone) - but I'll mention his name and occupation as hopefully there may be someone on here that may remember him, Joe Geer - a funeral director whose firm was based in Luton.

    Joe, took my friend and myself under his wing and introduced both of us to full bore at Bisley (using his P14 .303). Upshot (pardon the pun) was ours younger eye's were a lot
    keener than Joe's- he must have been in his 60's then, I forget our scores but they were better than his, although his average was constant. We shot for what seemed a long time up to 800 when Joe decided we would shoot at a 1000 before lunch one day and 1300 afterwards.

    He issued us with the caution "watch the flags, it's a lot more difficult than 600 or 800 yards. Needless to say I shot just before lunch at 1000yds and (from memory) attained
    my average score, clue no wind or very little (hat band was then let out a couple of inches and much mickey taking was aimed at Joe's direction. Lovely man, never said a word..............ajorned for lunch then shot on 1300 yards.

    My turn and it went something like one shot in/near bull - next off target to right, next magpie, next off target to left and so it went one. I remember my final score was
    well below 20. I was convinced he had done something to the sights and (wrongly) accused him of that. He just smiled
    in his usual manner and with barely a word took the rifle and shot his normal score without touching the sights. Deflated is an understatement, he then repeated those magic
    words, and the only time I ever heard him swear "one eye on the target the other on the flags, they ain't there for f**king decoration.

    Words that have never been forgotten.

    A great Guy - bless him.
    Fast approaching the 70's myself - its amazing how these little gems come back, when you have a quick ponder on life!

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    There,s a lot of advice ,knowledge and humour passing away without the werewithall to pass it on .Range,s are now housing/industrial estates and todays yuff only shoot on a blooming x-box playstation in front of the box .Sad sad state of affairs ,going to Bisley with the army cadets aged 13 to "scare" targets with a mk4 S.M.L.E in .303 a scary but thrilling weekend away that got me hooked on the real deal.
    Firing a Martini -Henry .457 and probably being pushed back a foot or two as i was a runt sized critter happy days .EX regular instructor,s trying to get things into small heads that nodded sagely at the "old" farts advice and then carried on doing the wrong thing but survived anyhoo.
    Such a waste of talent that cannot and will not be replaced
    she buys shoes i buy ,shooting,she stops buying shoes,il be amazed

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