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Thread: Rings and mounts for Sauer 202

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    Rings and mounts for Sauer 202

    My brand new sauer 202 is sitting in the safe since one month because the Warne rings and mounts I ordered are back order an no delivery date can be given to me...

    I was just wondering if I shouldn't go for another brand of mount?

    By surfing the web, I read good and bad things about the Warne's rings, my personnal experience with these product (Maxima QR) is very positive.

    So, should I wait to get the Warnes or should I go to anther brand of rings and mount?

    Your comments and recommendations would be highly apreciated.


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    Apel (EAW) and Recknagel are other options but probably more expensive. Why not buying Warne from a different source? If I were you I would not wait...


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    Otto. I took five months and a lot of money to get a scope set up using Warne Rings. I now use the following:

    Regards JCS

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    Otto, once you have the correct Warne bases for the 202, any standard set of Warne Rings will fit.

    Your best chance is these guys: they normally carry all Warne mounts in stock, give them a call.

    I have two comments to make about Warne rings, one is that they are very robust and hold zero very well, but are a little heavy. The other thing I have noted with using Warne's for years on a number of rifles, I have never had the slightest mark left on a scope tube using Warne's, which is more than I can say for some other expensive rings including EAW and Optilocks.

    I think they are excellent value.
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    If your 202 is the newer type with the dovetailed action and not the older type with the four threaded holes i would contact Macleods at Tain where i bought my Warne mounts in medium for a 50mm Swarovski... they come with perfect recoil strips too. On my older 202 i have 30mm Apel fixed and they have never moved in five years. (wait on the Warnes).
    I have a new set of 202 Leupold bases for the screwed action with 4 new sets of QD 30mm rings... offers for all or any?
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    Leupold also make make mounts for the 202 there a QD style i used them on a 308 202 for years with problems.

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    As said, if it doesnt have a dovetail look seriously at the Apel swing offs. I had these on my 202 and were just perfect, especially if you wre using open sights as well.
    P.S I hope its chambered for 9.3x62!!!!!!!!!
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    Thanks for the comments, help and proposals.

    Both rings and bases were ordered at the same time and one of the item is missing. In order to limit the freight costs the gunsmith will wait for the full supply of my order. Warne mounts and rings are not offently used down here (Belgium), gunsmtih usually use Recknagel or EAW Appel's swing mounts.

    I think I'm going to be patient and wait for the Warnes.. My 202 is a XT synthetic, in 6.5x55SE, heavy barrel fluted, the scope is a Z6 5-30X50 with ballistic turret... Understand why I'm getting nervous...

    I'll take my Steyr Luxus .270 WCF for the roe buck hunting starting Aug 1st in Belgium.

    @ Sariel, I own another Steyr luxus in 9.3x62 Mauser which is dedicated for driven hunts and larger than roe bucks animals.. Terrific rifle and terrific caliber too!

    Enjoy the coming sunny week end

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