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    cordless lamp

    Looking for a cordless lamp for foxing can anyone recommend something tidy,fed up of cabled lamps.

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    Think home & bargains were doing one a while ago ever ready rechargeable for 10 many on here raved about them for the price.

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    T67? lots on the bay from 30
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    Rifle mounted or handheld?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kennyc View Post
    T67? lots on the bay from 30
    I've got one of these and it's so powerful for its size and cost. Ideal as a spotter to sweep the fields with while still small enough (just) to mount on the scope. With a red led pill and an ir one it doubles up for spotting conventionally or use it with a Photon and NV spotter.

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    Got a T67 which is awesome ,and a A1 decoy scope mounted HID lamp ,125mm lens rechargeable and bloomin powerful too.Any of the T range of torches are mighty fine or get a Cluson 600metre hand held .
    Theyre not cheap about 50 quid but do what it says on the tin and comes with a choice of lenses atb
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    I have to say the T range of torches are very good-i use the one battery T67 mounted on rifle and the double battery one for spotting-got from China ebay and all very good--- only tip-- get decent batteries.

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