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Thread: Advice wanted on Apel swing off

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    Advice wanted on Apel swing off

    Hi all
    i am looking to fit Apel swing off mounts on my BSA CF2 same action profile as R.E.M. 700
    can anyone tell me do they come in different hights as I want to mount
    a 30mm S&B 3-12x50 and keep it as low as possible but still allowing me to bring
    the scope as far back to me as possible .
    as we're all aware there not cheep so want to get it right 1st time !

    Also the rifle is fitted with Apel swing off ( 1in ) mounts can I just buy some Apel 30mm rings
    and swap them ?
    Any help advice on this subject or anything regarding Apel mounts would be appreciated
    as I am a complete novice were these mounts are concerned

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    these are the one inch swing offs that are on it now
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    Apel only sell to gunsmiths/gunshops but different height are offered. They do have a catalogue in triple german french & english.

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    Thanks didn't realise how many different mounts they do
    will try to find some 2nd hand 30mm rings to fit my swing offs

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