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    Game shooting

    While driving past a country road saw a line of guns right next to the road always thought you had to be at least 20 yards away from a public highway correct me if im wrong

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    in england and wales, it is an offence to discharge a firearm withuin fiftey feet of the centre of a highway if in consequence a user of the highway is injured, interupted or endangered.
    so yes you can shoot 20 yards from the centre of a highway if the above is observed.

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    As SPARKY says, above.

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    Quite normal to have guns positioned within 50 feet of a highway. On one shoot I know, the wood is on one side of the road and the guns are on the other. Obviously the guns, if shooting in the direction of the road need to ensure they are pretty well back there though, or eventually you'll have a car ending up holed like a gangster's in Chicago in the '30's. It's also the case that footpaths and rights of way can also intersect drives. The thing to do here is to have good communication. If there's someone who may be inconvenienced by the shooting (or injured, interrupted or endangered) then the beaters just stop and the guns stop shooting until the walkers or whoever have passed. (Inevitably, some birds fly over then, but hey ho.) Many walkers are interested and want to stop and watch, some will express their views on shooting and some walk away happy with a brace of birds.

    Obviously these places referred to are woodland walks or country roads where most people accept that shooting is part of life there. Perhaps not the same 50 feet from Piccadilly Circus.

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