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    New Member from the United States

    Hi, my name is Ron and I live in Florida. I have been hunting since the 1970s. I mainly hunt whitetail deer, but also enjoy small game hunting and the occasional turkey hunt. I prefer wood-stocked/blued rifles of various actions. I also tend to go for the offbeat calibers for a particular action type, such as .284 Winchester for the Winchester Model 100 or .356 Winchester for a lever action. Right now, I mainly use a Ruger 1A in 7x57mm Mauser and recently acquired a Steyr-Mannlicher Luxus (not the interchangeable caliber model) in 30-06 Springfield. I chose 30-06 due to it being a readily available/relatively inexpensive round as a box of 7x57 can cost more than some magnum cartridges! I came upon this site while I was searching for a magazine for my Steyr rifle (which seems to have turned into a daunting task even for the internet). It seems like an interesting site and look forward to reading the different experiences on the forums!

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    Welcome, there was someone selling steyr magazines on here in the last couple of days..good luck.

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    Welcome to the SD Ron
    Druid is spot on here is the link



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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Thank you for the welcome and information! I do have a question regarding the magazine I am hoping can be answered: There are multiple calibres listed on the magazine, and I took it to mean it could feed any of them. However, I noticed that usually one calibre gets a dot of paint (or something) next to it. Would that mean then, it is only made for that cartridge?

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    Hello and welcome to the site.
    In german engineering that would indicate to me that the mag housing is multi use but the follower is calibre specific hence the paint mark.
    I live in germany and have a .284 win model 100 with two S&B scopes on swing of eaw mounts fitted one for normal variable and a driven one for the odd usage. The cartridge cases are getting hard to find so soon I will be down to necking up norma 6.5x.284s.
    If you have no luck on the mag my pal has a german gunshop and might be able to help.

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    Bavarianbrit - Thank you for that information. That makes sense, but I also see magazines w/o a paint mark, which now will confuse the issue...LOL! I used to own a pre-64 Model 100 in .284. I sold it and a bit later tried to buy it back, to no avail. :-( While .284 ammo is not too hard to find around here, it is something not usually stocked in stores and needs to be ordered online. The other issue is the increased cost due to not being as popular of a round.

    takbok - thank you for the welcome!

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