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Thread: Blaser R8 'Internals'

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    Blaser R8 'Internals'

    I recently bought a Blaser R8 Success with a very well figured wooden thumbhole stock.
    I am having problems getting used to the thumbhole stock but as it cost so much do not want to get rid of it.
    As a result I have had made a 'standard' wooden stock to my measurements but now I need the 'internals' to enable me to use the trigger unit.
    I have winged off an E Mail to Blaser UK but do not expect a favourable answer as I am sure they will not like the idea of me having a stock made instead of buying one from them. I was quoted for a Blaser standard wooden stock 1700 !
    I could take the 'internals' out of my thumbhole stock but don't really want to do that as I may play with it now and again and get used to it eventually.
    If the 'internals' can be obtained, I would expect to have to pay a reasonable sum but I am sure the total of it and what I paid for my stock will not to come to the price of one supplied by Blaser.
    Can anybody give me any advice as to where I may locate such a thing ?

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    Your only option is to buy a stock and remove the internals. Blaser will
    not sell them.

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    I'm fairly sure the internals from the thumb hole stock are also different to the standard stock. The trigger units aren't transferable. There are a few aftermarket stocks available but as far as I know all will need the internals transferring from your original stock.


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    I think you will find the recoil block and barrel locator is the most expensive part of a Blaser stock. I was reliably informed it makes up around 1,300 of the cost of a stock!!!

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    The Safari stock, Plastic/rubber, is retailed at 1,330 so that may be the only option !

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    Thumb hole internals are different looking at mine compared to my sons std one

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    My trigger units are inter changeable it is just that the standard trigger does not 'flow' back into the stock of the thumbhole so looks a bit chunky.

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    The standard triggers are metal, the thumbholes are plastic and shaped to blend into the stock. Standard fits thumbhole, im not sure about the other way

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    I am sure you could part exchange the wooden thumbhole stock for a new standard wooden stock with out any problems. And not have that much to pay either. That would have been the route I would have favoured.

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