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Thread: CAM Action ?

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    CAM Action ?

    Hello All I have been looking for an action called the CAM it is used by Robert Bucknell on his rifles (.223) does anybody know who makes this action or where these can be got? all the best and Thanks.

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    I am sure you have seen this but this is all I could find. Sounds to me like you'd only find one secondhand and they aren't at all common.

    Why do you want one?
    Any Questions Feel Free to PM me

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    Thanks Greener Jim for you reply and the information. I have always liked them and saw one in Scotland years ago and it was very accurate, I especially like the short bolt throw 30 degree and the fact you can use AR15 mags.

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    I sold one on here a while ago that my cousin had,, i seen one for sale this summer at bisley at braidwood, not sure if it was still there or not last visit, it was in very good condition and i did think of buying it..
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    Thanks for that eventually I will get one

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    I have not seen one of them since about 1993, I don't think that there were too many made even then. Interesting to see that they were an early version of the increasingly common ar15 straight pull. Good luck on finding a good one.

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    I did handle one when they first came out. They were a neat, compact, well made item. Not that much quicker than say an Enfield but with some merit. They sort of looked like a bolt action M1 Carbine but not as wide in the body. My only concern might be that spare parts would now difficult to find. I am not sure but I think they used standard AR15/M16 magazines. Good Luck!

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    They were only made in modest numbers for a few years. The original idea was to generate sales to cash strapped governments as militia and 2nd tier weapons using some off the shelf M-16 parts. There was a basic model and at least prototypes of a 'HBar' sniper version. In the event, a few were sold to civilian retailers and there were no military or police sales that I ever heard of - not surprising with all the secondhand 7.62mm first generation military semi-autos in the international arms trade by that time, and the USSR handing out 1,000 AKs free for every Soviet adviser and KGB officer that any LDC agreed to take.

    At the time, the competition for 'practical' type rifles was Armalon's heavily modified Remington PSS / VS rifles in 308 or 223 and the Parker-Hale 308 entries for the MoD British Army sniper rifle procurement exercise, the M85 and for more general law-enforcement / military sharpshooter use, the M87 in 308 or 300 Win Mag - fine rifles but expensive and not as slick operating as the CAM. The Southern Gun SSR-15 must have appeared not too long after the CAM and straight-pull AR-15s proved to be far more desirable to most potential customers.

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    the modern straight pull rifles like Blasers ,Strasser and Lynx or the fortner as used in biathlon are far superior to any of the older actions and the newer junk that the tactical lads use just so it can look like a military rifle

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